Room by Room Tips
Staging a home can be a very important piece in getting the most out of your asking price for your home when its time to sell. First, take a drive outside, how does your curb factor compare to the other homes, is it comparable, is it below comparable? Some simple things to do outside is making sure your grass is green if there are spots of dead grass/dirt fill it in with some sod, most professional Landscape companies can do this for you or go to your local Home Repair Boutique and grab a roll of Sod. Next, add color, grab a pallet of colorful plants that are in season and plant them near your door or in planters near the door. Be careful as not to clutter the walk way but a balance of color along with your green grass tremendously improves your curb appeal.

Stepping into the House.

• There are two senses that hit the buyer the first being smell and sight as soon as you enter the foyer the house should be clear of clutter and have a natural aroma.

• Living (formal) Room: Use bright colors for accents such as flowers, pillows, throws. Bring in real plants to liven up the space. Don’t block windows, let in the light. Plug in lamps to illuminate dark corners.

• Family Room: This room is all about portraying a “Come Right On In” and take your shoes off and stay awhile feel. A buyer will want a warm inviting space while maintaining the feel of space and organized cleanliness. Lots of natural light, if this is not available leave your lights on, again plants are good, which will be a common theme throughout the rooms

• Kitchen: Instead of paying big bucks to replace countertops and flooring, apply some fresh paint and/or stain. Add some stylish new hardware and bring out some bright plants to finish off the look.

• Master Bedroom: As comfey and warm as your bedroom may be, its personalized, lived-in look won’t help it sell your house. When prospective buyers walk into a master bedroom, they are attracted to rooms that feel spacious, calm, neat and elegant. Staging the bedroom is all about creating these feelings. Light, color and decoration in the master bedroom can go a long way toward selling a house, so take the time to stage the room.

• Bathroom: Clean up the Walls. Soap Stained or Gimy walls are red flags to buyers. Do this to get rid of the Mold and Grime: Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach. Just spray it on the wall, and watch the mold disappear. Give it a fresh coat of paint, and your grimy bathroom will go from red-flag to red-hot.

  1. Instead of replacing your glass shower doors grab a cleaning towel and add a mixture of one part muriatic acid and about 10 parts water. Scrub with steel wool. After wiping it down, reinstall the door, and you’ll have a shower that’ll help you clean up at the open house.
  2. Dated Tile: Easy fix, a low-cost alternative to replacing the tile is to use paint. First coat the tiles with a high-adhesion primer. Next, brush on a special ceramic epoxy covering. For a fraction of the cost of new tile, you will have an up-to-date bathroom that brings in big bucks.